What is SPAlert?

Popup from Apple Music & Feedback in AppStore. Contains Done, Heart, Error and other presets. Support Dark Mode. I clone Apple’s alerts as much as possible. You can find this alerts in AppStore after feedback and after added song to library in Apple Music.


  • Pricing: Free
  • Resource Link: https://github.com/IvanVorobei/SPAlert
  • Resource Maker: Ivan Vorobei
  • Mobile Platform Destination: iOS Apps
  • Mobile Platform Support: Native iOS
  • Programming Languages: Swift
  • iOS Versions Supported: iOS 10.0+, iOS 11.0+, iOS 12.0+
  • CocoaPods: SPAlert
  • Carthage: ivanvorobei/SPAlert
  • Swift Package Manager: https://github.com/ivanvorobei/SPAlert