What is SlidingActivity?

SlidingActivity allows you to easily create activities that can slide vertically on the screen and fit well into the Material Design age.


Sliding activities allow for you to easily set header content, menus, and data onto a slidable screen. The library currently supports a variety of custom features that allow you to make the screen unique. Currently support are the following:

  • Set the title and have this title shrink into the toolbar as you scroll
  • Set a header image that disappears into the toolbar as you scroll
  • Set colors that will affect the header and status bar color
  • Add a floating action button to the bottom of the header that will animate and show/hide itself at the correct time
  • Disable the header and show only content that is scrollable
  • Works with PeekView out of the box, to provide a “3D Touch” effect on your views. See example usage in the TalonActivity sample.