What is CursorWheelLayout?

CursorWheelLayout is an Android library that allows view to be placed on a rotatable wheel. It behaves like a Circular ListView where items rotate rather than scroll vertically(but without view recycle strategy). CursorWheelLayout consists of two components , the center item with id id_wheel_menu_center_item and the menu items that provided by CycleWheelAdapter.

The CursorWheelLayout can be used as a way to select one item from a list. The wheelSelectedAngle attribute determines what position on the wheel is selected. You can also receive a callback for when an item is clicked, and whether it is selected. Have a look at the sample for a working example!


  • Pricing: Free
  • Resource Link: https://github.com/BCsl/CursorWheelLayout
  • Resource Maker: HelloCsl
  • Mobile Platform Destination: Android Apps
  • Mobile Platform Support: Native Android
  • Programming Languages: Java
  • Gradle: github.hellocsl:CursorWheelLayout:1.1.0