What is AndroidBriefActions?

On Android, in combination with LiveData, ViewModel is more than what it might be on some other platforms. It also represents an architectural component for easy state management across view lifecycle events. When an Activity or Fragment gets recreated, subscribing to observe LiveData gives us the latest value, thus orientation changes are easy to manage. But sometimes this is not desirable. Some state delivered by certain action might be only relevant at the time when the action happened. For instance, navigating to another screen, or displaying a non-persistent message. In these cases we would not want another screen to open again or another message to show again when we rotate the device (value is preserved in LiveData).

BriefAction type represents these actions and in combination with LiveAction, helper observers, ViewModel and the rest of the pattern, enables consuming of such actions only once.


  • Pricing: Free
  • Resource Link: https://github.com/vlad-markovic/AndroidBriefActions
  • Resource Maker: vlad-markovic
  • Mobile Platform Destination: Android Apps
  • Mobile Platform Support: Native Android
  • Programming Languages: Java
  • Gradle: com.vladmarkovic.briefactions:briefactions:$briefActionsVersion