What is QiscusChatSDK?

Qiscus Chat SDK (Software Development Kit) is a product provided by Qiscus that enables you to embed an in-app chat/chat feature in your applications quickly and easily. With our chat SDK, you can implement chat feature without dealing with the complexity of real-time communication infrastructure. We provide a powerful API to let you implement chat feature into your apps in the most seamless development process.

Qiscus Chat SDK provides many features such as:

  • 1-on-1 chat
  • Group chat
  • Channel chat
  • Typing indicator
  • Image and file attachment
  • Online presence
  • Delivery receipt
  • Read receipt
  • Delete message
  • Offline message
  • Block user
  • Custom real-time event
  • Server-side integration with Server API and Webhook
  • Embed bot engine in your app
  • Enable push notification
  • Export and import messages from your app