What is CatCrypto?

CatCrypto include a series of hashing and encryption functions and more functions in progress!

CatCrypto also contains Swift bindings of Argon2, the password-hashing function that won the Password Hashing Competition (PHC).


  • Pricing: Free
  • Resource Link: https://github.com/ImKcat/CatCrypto
  • Resource Maker: Kcat
  • Mobile Platform Destination: iOS Apps
  • Mobile Platform Support: Native iOS
  • Programming Languages: C#
  • iOS Versions Supported: iOS 8.0+, iOS 9.0+, iOS 10.0+, iOS 11.0+, iOS 12.0+
  • CocoaPods: CatCrypto
  • Carthage: ImKcat/CatCrypto