What is Gagat?

Gagat is a small Swift library that makes it easy to add a delightful, interactive way to switch between two different themes in your iOS application using a two-finger pan. The library was designed primarily for applications that support a “dark mode”, and is heavily inspired by the Night Mode transition in Castro 2.

Gagat is not a library for styling your iOS applications. You must write all the styling logic yourself without any help from Gagat, and then call your styling code from your implementation of GagatStyleable.toggleActiveStyle(). If you are unsure of how to implement the styling, the Example app included with Gagat showcases one way to support different themes in an application by using configuration models.


  • Pricing: Free
  • Resource Link: https://github.com/Boerworz/Gagat
  • Resource Maker: Tim Andersson
  • Mobile Platform Destination: iOS Apps
  • Mobile Platform Support: Native iOS
  • Programming Languages: Swift
  • iOS Versions Supported: iOS 10.0+, iOS 11.0+, iOS 12.0+
  • Carthage: Boerworz/Gagat