What is Impeller?

Impeller is a Distributed Value Store (DVS) written in Swift. It was inspired by successful Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCSes) like Git and Mercurial, and appropriates the concept and terminology for use with application data, rather than source code files.

With Impeller, you compose a data model from Swift value types (structs), and persist them locally in a store like SQlite. Values can be pushed to services like CloudKit, and pulled down to other devices, to facilitate sync across devices, and with web apps.

At this juncture, Impeller is largely experimental. It evolves rapidly, and — much like Swift itself — there is no attempt made to sustain backward compatibility. It is not currently recommended for production projects.


  • Pricing: Free
  • Resource Link: https://github.com/david-coyle-sjc/impeller
  • Resource Maker: David Coyle
  • Mobile Platform Destination: iOS Apps
  • Mobile Platform Support: Native iOS
  • Programming Languages: Swift
  • Carthage: mentalfaculty/impeller